Golf in Albuquerque is simple.

8 Tips to help clean up and keep up so you will enjoy the game of golf.

The top 8 tips in golf to get you started.

  1. Find a 7 iron and putter from a friend or in our pro shop.
  2. Buy a bag of golf tees for $1.00.
  3. Locate our red poles (or Orange Tee Markers) on each hole which indicate 100 yards.
  4. Tee up the ball and start playing.
  5. If you miss the ball three times in a row, throw it forward.
  6. Feel free to pick up your golf ball after 5 shots/ hole.
  7. Rake the sand traps and fix any grass you dug up.
  8. Pat yourself on the back.

It’s that simple to start enjoying the game. If you have any questions, then come see me at Puerto del Sol Golf Course in Albuquerque, NM.

Keep golf simple and fun,

Coach Todd